Shinichi FURUYA, Ph.D

<Whats New?>

  • Our paper on music anxiety was published on Communications Biology.

  • Our paper on active haptic training for expert pianists was published on Science Advances. (press release: here)

  • We launched a new educational program for young pianists ("academy program") in our music excellence project.

  • An introductory video of the tech-part of our physical education program for artists (PEAC) is out.

  • An introductory video of our research (Musical Dynaformics) is out.

  • Our team in Sony CSL recruits internship students (e.g. 3 months). This program covers your flight and accommodation cost. Through this program, I have so far accepted two students from State University of Florida (USA) and University of London Goldsmiths (UK). Applicants will be welcomed.